About Anura Perera

The Chairman of the Singapore-based Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd, Anura Perera is an experienced engineer who has participated in profitable projects across the globe. A native of Sri Lanka, he obtained his certification as a mechanical engineer in Colombo before accepting a post in Africa with a distributor of Caterpillar Inc. construction equipment. An entrepreneur by nature, Anura Perera was soon in business for himself, working with turnkey engineering enterprises in Africa and Europe.

Anura Perera joined Raycom in the early 2000s, and has worked tirelessly to expand the companyĆ¢€™s network of business connections and lead the corporation into new areas of manufacturing. Initially conceived as a manufacturer of precision aeronautical parts, the company has established a reputation in the oil and gas industry for its high-quality artificial gas-lift valves, seals, and wireline tools. In 2009, Anura Perera was instrumental in arranging an agreement with the Raycom and the Abu Dhabi Airp…
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